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I’ve been living the laptop lifestyle for the past ten years and am passionate about helping others achieve it for themselves!

In early 2017 my family and I were living on food stamps while my husband went to dental school, and every day I felt helpless as the debt accumulated while we struggled to get by.

It was during this time that I discovered the joy of online teaching and couldn’t believe the potential it opened up for my family. I started sharing about it in my local moms Facebook group, and the response was HUGE. Helping all of those moms sparked the idea for my YouTube channel that allowed me to help them and any others like me who needed a solution to their financial problems that was flexible and didn’t take away from their family time.

Since then I’ve helped more than 2,100 teachers (and counting) find success as online teachers through my system that began with sharing free content on YouTube. This business now generates multiple 6-figures each year and allows me to be present with my family and intentional about how I spend my time.

I’ve replicated this system with other products and services and now I teach this system to help other aspiring entrepreneurs build a profitable online business in my online course Teacher Career Academy.